Updates of website content in English

There are occasions when translations of new or temporary information should be included in your website:

If your services or products recently won a prize or achieved an official accreditation or certification, it makes sense to communicate this to international customers.

If you are organizing an international conference, make sure that you provide incoming foreign  participants with professional translations of all the information they need to register, submit presentation proposals, make travel arrangements, and finding lodging.

If your company, agency, school, or foundation is planning an international event, make a checklist of translations you will need for  posters, exhibition materials, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, press releases, invitations, catalogs, or reports.

If you are publishing terms and conditions and calendars for the submission of applications, entries, or tenders for international projects, events, and competitions, make sure that you provide high quality translations to all interested applicants.

If you are planning seasonal events, festivals, fairs, expositions, or new touristic routes and itineraries, make this information available to incoming tourists in several target foreign languages.

If you correct erratum or note changes in legislation pertinent to your sector or Internet commerce in Spanish, you should also translate this information for your foreign clients.

If you post closings for official holidays and vacation periods in Spanish on your website, it makes sense to provide foreign clients with the same information in a language they will understand.

If you are planning to attend an international trade fair or are launching new products and services that may be of interest to foreign clients, it’s a good idea to prepare foreign language press releases, website content, and technical and marketing material to complement material prepared in Spanish.

If you are looking for a way to attract more foreign clients for your services, including English language posts in your blog is the most effective and affordable way to reach them.