Tourism and Leisure

The exponential growth of activity in the tourism sector constitutes one of the most remarkable socioeconomic phenomena of the last half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new millennium. Tourism expert Costas Christ has described the combined direct tourism trade and the supply and services providers related to tourism activity as constituting the largest nonmilitary sector in the world. Global figures for annual international arrivals have skyrocketed from 25 million in 1950, to an estimated 806 million in 2005. UNWTO’s Tourism 2020 study estimates that this figure will rise to nearly 1.6 billion by the year 2020. The same report estimates that Europe will receive more than 717 million visitors annually by this target year.

These figures indicate that the economic stakes are high for countries that rely on tourism as a main industry and a key source of foreign exchange. In any country where a vast number of people make a living from tourism, quarterly statistics concerning international arrivals, hotel bookings going forward, and calculations of just how much the average tourist spends per day are key economic indicators. One bad season can dramatically raise unemployment levels, ruin thousands of family businesses, and even create political instability.

I’ve translated and edited content for a wide range of stakeholders within the tourism sector, including businesses that provide lodging, transportation, and entertainment services, Michelin star restaurants, wineries, tourism development agencies, conference and festival organizers, museums, universities offering degrees and training programs related to tourism, and researchers studying the economic and social aspects of tourism.

From 2005 through 2010, I wrote a column on rural tourism for the quarterly Spanish-language magazine EcoHabitar. I’ve also been part of a professional team that designed the logo, marketing campaign, and exhibitor’s booth for a regional group of Andalusian communities  launching their own brand for the first time in FITUR, Spain’s most important annual promotional event related to the sector. Please consult the guide to purchasing translation, editing, and writing services section of this website for useful tips on how to create affordable and effective tourism brochures, websites, blogs, promotional videos, and marketing campaigns that will properly convey your message to an English-speaking public.