Environment, Conservation and Sustainable Development

Because I believe that working together we can make a better world, I offer a substantial discount to legally registered nonprofit organizations and foundations dedicated to human rights, sustainable development, conservation, social protection and insertion, education, or other pressing social and environmental issues.

Translators serving the development and environmental sector must have a good background knowledge of the subject being treated and  maintain highly specific vocabulary data bases.  It’s important to be aware of changes in geopolitical situations, policy, strategy, and theory. The bulletins and publications that I receive from the OECD, DEVEX, the Worldwatch Institute, as well as various European and global observatories help me to keep up to date with trends and terminology.

From 2005 through 2010, I was a regular columnist for the quarterly Spanish language magazine EcoHabitar. I continue to write, translate, and edit articles, reports, proposals, and website content related to environmental issues, sustainability, corporate responsibility, ethical investment, fair trade, human rights, humanitarian assistance, and eco-tourism for numerous foundations, research centers, NGOs, government agencies, universities, private companies, and members of the research community.

Private industry is assuming an ever-greater role in providing food for the world’s growing population, promoting sustainable development and fighting climate change. I help a growing number of corporate clients track their year-over-year progress towards CSR goals and prepare clear, cogent corporate social responsibility reports. Every year I also take time out to participate in Globescan and SustainAbility’s annual surveys of corporate social and environmental performance and commitment.