Many of my clients are academics working in communications, the arts and humanities, and the social sciences. Recent translation projects directly related to higher education include academic papers on the design and implementation of online courses, the training of professional interpreters, the interface between social networks and communication sciences, the internationalization of journalism, and the marketing of higher education. I also provide translation and editing services to authors of research papers, conference committees, university administrators, educational foundations, and university marketing and publications departments. In 2010, I translated eight academic articles on the adaption of communications studies in Spain to European Higher Education Area standards  for Preparing for the Future: Studies in Communication Sciences in the EHEA  published by Editorial Fragua. I have also translated a wide range of material related to new Bologna-compliant curricula for universities throughout Spain.

Not all higher education takes place on university campuses. Lifelong learning initiatives and in-house training courses are also important. I have translated course materials on competitive intelligence for the Spanish Ministry of Industry, training materials for an international non-governmental health organization devoted to humanitarian aid and sustainable development, and a range of other instructional materials for private companies in various sectors.

Education has many facets. One of the most personally rewarding professional projects I have ever been involved with was the translation of  a scholarly article by Jannick Niort, founder of  Foundación Psico-Art de Cataluña, a not-for-profit organization created in 1989 to offer artistic activities to handicapped people. During my career, I’ve been asked to translate  texts as diverse as a marketing brochure for an executive education course on ethical lobbying, a study of educational reform in Latin America, and a teaching manual for an international clown workshop in Bali.