Corporate Internationalization

Whether your business was “born global” or is just beginning to consider expanding operations beyond domestic markets, high quality English translations can contribute to the success of its internationalization, be it a small- medium-sized enterprise,  a multinational corporation, an educational institution seeking to attract foreign students, or any other type of organization seeking to engage a global audience.

Quality translations can help you:

√  enhance your competitiveness in the international marketplace

√  establish a presence in new markets

√  create a positive synthesis between your overall business strategies and your local strategies for other markets

√  position your products and brands successfully in the global marketplace

√  attract and communicate effectively with prospective foreign employees, investors, partners, clients, and customers

√  let people in other countries know what you have to offer

√  outclass the competition

√  develop successful media relations

√  increase your sales

I have extensive experience in the translation, correction, and editing of:

business correspondence
human resources documents
PowerPoint presentations
conference presentations
marketing and advertising campaigns
website, blog, and social network profile page content
company newsletters and magazines
catalogues and brochures
promotional materials for distribution at trade fairs
press releases
training manuals
logos, taglines, and slogans
localization of product or brand names
labels and instructions

If you’re thinking of internationalizing your organization, I’d be glad to provide the translation services you need to succeed in today’s globalized marketplace.