Arts & Humanities

Translating texts related to the arts and humanities is one of my specialties and a true passion. In addition to my studies in Spanish, translation, and editing, I hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fine Arts and I am a member of both the Association of Art Editors and the Global Heritage Network. Prior to launching a career as a translator, I was an internationally exhibiting artist, lecturer, and professor of art. I have also written art criticism and conducted interviews with contemporary artists such as Bill Viola for Art Papers magazine.

My services in the field of  arts and humanities include the translation and editing of books, academic essays, monographs, abstracts, criticism, exhibition catalogs, didactic and exhibition materials for museums and art galleries, and subtitling for documentary films and other media. My clients include fine arts publishers, museums, universities, researchers, and individual artists. The ideas, philosophies, and human stories behind artefacts and objects of art have always fascinated me, and I enjoy collaborating with professionals working in the fields of history, anthropology, archeology, and sociology.

Samples of my writing on the visual arts, architecture, design, theater, music, history, and other topics can be found in my personal blog.