Spanish to English Translation

Successfully carrying a text from one language to another requires reading, translation, editing, and writing skills. Any one of these competences is of little use without the others.

Translators must read a text more thoroughly than the average reader. They must dissect and analyze a myriad of small details in every sentence that other readers pay little or no attention to in order to accurately and artfully recompose it in another language. Furthermore, they must understand the language they are translating from well enough to be able to detect minute lapses in the original that could subvert an author’s intended meaning, and they must know their own language well enough to produce an accurate, coherent, and compelling text that will deliver a client’s message and further his or her interests.

Translators must go beyond the mere mechanics of language. As communications professionals, they must be able to understand and transmit the underlying assumptions and values of the various cultures associated with the languages they work in. Translation is a profession that requires discipline, creativity, empathy, a strong background in a number of subjects, and a sincere interest in conveying another person’s message to a new audience.

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