Editing services

There are many ways an editor can help improve your documents, articles, and manuscripts.  An editor’s services can range from a last review for punctuation errors, extra spaces, or inappropriate type-face variations to a complete rewrite of the original work.

Before contracting a professional to improve a text, it’s important to determine how much reworking  it requires to merit a reader’s attention. Do you only need someone to check spelling, grammar, and formatting errors, or does the text  need to be restructured for coherence and readability?

I have created a subdirectory for this section to help clients decide what kind of editing services they really need. If you don’t see the editing services you are looking for, or if you have special requirements for a project, please send me a text sample and a description of your specific needs.  I will be happy to analyse the text and suggest the level of services necessary to prepare the text for publication or release.

I take the work of copyediting seriously and I’m proud to be a member of The American Copy Editor’s Society.